blog - portfolio

A free responsive website inspired by Betamax and made with Tailwind CSS. Including 5 pages. Home, About, Blog, Contact and Gallery


saas - product - agency

A SAAS template for your product made with Tailwind CSS V2 and Alpine.js. Includes 5 responsive pages with dark mode support. Home Blog Blog Post About Contact


app - product -saas

A stunning landing page for your app or your extension. Includes: app store button, playStore button, signup form.



Docs onepage Including: landing page, page with documentation layout, Ready components,100% responsive, dark mode.


blog - personal

A super cool and modern brutalist website made with Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js. Includes: Landing page, log post 1, blog post 2, about and is 100% Responsive.



A dark and minimalist website template made with Tailwind CSS and alpine.js for newsletterers. Includes: The landing page, issues, about, sponsors and 100% responsive.

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2 Demo Template.

Fully Responsive

Lifetime Support.

Free updates.

*Download from Gumroad.




Fully Responsive.

Lifetime Support.

Free Updates.

*Secure payments with Gumroad.

*One-time purchase, (VAT) incl.

"Quite the impressive templates. Could have used that a few weeks ago when I started building PermanentLink :) Wicked indeed."

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