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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is WickedTemplates?

WickedTemplates is a boutique for website templates made with Tailwind CSS without any javascript framework, only with Alpine.JS for navigation. This templates are mean to be integrated with any javascript framework like Tailwind's doc says. Tailwind CSS

What is included the bundle?

There is two ways to buy the templates, individually or as a bundle. Individually: you will get only the template, as is. It includes lifetime support too. When you buy a Bundle for individual you get: All the Tailwind templates ready to integrate. Modern design Lifetime support

How many project does one license allow to create?

Easy, you can create unlimited personal and commercial projects, for yourself, your team and your clients. Read the license to learn more.

What is the tech Stack required?

A base knowledge of Tailwind will help you wonders if not, read their documentation.

I found an issue, can you help me?

Absolutely, just reach out to me by email or Twitter.