Responsive HTML templates ready to customize out of the box.
For startups & personal use.


A solution tailored to your needs.

Wicked Templates helps you jumpstart your startup's landing page
by providing you with easy to customize templates.


You get the markup, so you can focus on building an MVP or your landing page.


There is no custom CSS involved, so you can style as you need.


The templates are built with a mobile-first CSS framework.


Only one single file, so you can use your templates out of the box.

This is how it works.

A very easy and hassle free setup to get you started in minutes, not hours.


Once a template is ordered, Paddle transfers the files to the account that you used to order. Then you can download it directly from your email address.


The templates are compressed to the .zip format. Unpack them to quickly obtain access to them and modify them using your own application editor.


For big projects, it is best to download the CSS Framework used on the example for more flexibility, use the CDN for testing or a simple landing page.


Follow up the instructions given by the templates framework for a better development experience.You will find this ones on the details page.

There is also an NPM package prepared in case you want to use a boilerplate with SASS or LESS, please look at the docs.

The templates are made

of these two mobile-first CSS frameworks.

Latest Templates.


Contact Card

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Startup Landing Page

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Agency Landing Page

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The templates are also available in packages.

Choose from 3 different packages to fit your preference and needs.

Bulma Templates


Save 10$ + Free Template.

✓ 6 Templates.

✓ 6 Months Support.

* Recommended when building with Bulma.

* Support Only on Bulma templates.

All Templates.


Save 30$ + 2 Free Templates.

✓ All Templates.

✓ 12 Months Support.

* Recommended when building with both.

* Support On Bulma & Tailwind templates.

Tailwind Templates


Save 10$ + Free Template.

✓ 6 Templates.

✓ 6 Months Support.

* Recommended when building with Tailwind.

* Support Only on Tailwind templates.

For more detailed information, about pricing, refounds, included files and other questions please have a look to the FAQ.