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I love to see we’ll designed templates. Anything that can save my time/my friends’ time is a huge win.

There's a certain standard of design that's expected nowadays, even for a scrappy MVPs.Go for something like @tailwindcss (UI), @WickedTemplates or even @ajlkn @carrd to get out a first version.

Couldn't have done it without Shadow! its made my life too easy... its like im cheating!

After recently learning that shipping fast is better, I've took a new approach to projects. Often, I will just buy or use templates for v1 of my stuff, so I don't spend too long on designs. I hugely recommend @Mike_Andreuzza 's http://wickedtemplates.com, they're epic!!

Just found a great template at @WickedTemplates :)

Quite the impressive templates. Could have used that a few weeks ago when I started building PermanentLink :) Wicked indeed.

Love the refreshing take @Mike_Andreuzza did with his html templates. Not the usual boring stuff but visually bold yet still pleasing. Perfect if you want to stand out in the crowd.

I can totally relate! Have you tried https://www.wickedtemplates.com/? Also uses Tailwind and the templates are just so sharp.


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