Landing pages for your next project.

You're about to launch soon and must be 100% focused on your product. Don't loose precious days designing, coding the landing page and testing a site. Instead, integrate one with your favourite framework.

Wicked is here.

Keep coding, I'll do the design.

Wicked offers you a wide range of landing pages for different purposes to save you time before going live.

From landing pages for your app to extensions, mailing list, SAAS, coming soon & pre-launch.


For night owls.

Darkmode support

All the templates support dark-mode according to user preferences.



Clean and tidy code.

The templates are built with Tailwind CSS utility classes and sorted out with Headwind with standard settings for consistence.


Beatiful in every screen

100% Responsive

All templates have been made responsive for smallest to the biggest devices, because our sites have to look good in every breakpoint.


A quick process that allows same day deployment.

Tailwind CSS templates with a wicked design.


After you have got the template install Tailwind CSS on your machine, you will need the latest node package.


The templates can be integrated with React, Vue, Nuxt, Next, laravel and more, follow Tailwind's docs for more information.


You can easily deploy them with Netlify, Vercel and many more. This step is completely up to you.

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