Wicked Templates

WickedTemplates is a boutique for website templates made with Tailwind CSS without any javascript framework, only with Alpine.JS for navigation. This templates are meant to be integrated with any javascript framework that Tailwind supports. Tailwind CSS

WICKEDTEMPLATES is a product for developers and designers. The templates can be opened with the live browser directly and deployed without any integration. But for big projects with hard maintainance is recommended.

Getting Started

Files Structure

The templates come on a .zip file. This templates are a complete project with only HTML file/s and a full Tailwind configuration. Sometimes, depending on the concept it may include Tailwind plugins.

├── template-name/
| | ├── dist/
| | | ├── assets/...
| | | ├── css/...
| | | | ├── tailwind.css
| | | | ├── tailwind.min.css
| | | ├── index.html
| | ├── node_modules/...
| | ├── license
| | ├── package-lock.json
| | ├── package.json
| | ├── postcss.config.js
| | ├── tailwind.config.css
| | ├── tailwind.config.js
| | ├── tailwind.config.min.js

Setting up your project.

Now that you have the templates the next step is integrate it if you want to. I say if you want because you can drop/deploy the "dist" folder and you would be ready to go.


According to Tailwind

"Installing Tailwind CSS can be a slightly different process depending on what other frameworks/tools you're using, so we've put together a bunch of guides that cover popular setups."

Choose your guide below:


Vue 3 vite



Create React App


This are the guides they have and they will put up more soon, but Tailwind CSS can be integrated with many more.