Getting Started.


Learn how to clone the boilerplate.

Taking into account that you know how to use Git, Node & GitHub's CLI.

Creating a new folder using VS Code.

Open the new terminal and write next.

git clone .

Without VS Code.

Navigate to your folder on the terminal.

CD path/to/folder

Then proceed to install the boilerplate.

git clone .

Once the boilerplate is on your computer, let's install it.

npm install

Now that everything is installed, this is how it should look.

  • › less
    • › main.less
  • › node_modules
  • › public / src
    • › css
      • › index.css
    • › typography
    • › images
    • › js
      • › index.js
    • › pages
  • › scss
  • › wt
  • .gitignore
  • package.json
  • package-lock.json

All you have to do is move your HTML template, templateName.html to the folder called public and link your CSS.

There is also pre installed SASS & LESS.

Now you can style it as you want, you can use SASS or LESS as it's pre installed. Go to the folder tree and open SCSS/main.scss, style here your HTML



npm run compile:scss


npm run compile:less

The SCSS/LESS file will be compiled to the style.css.


Take a look at the repository and see how the folders are structured, also feel free to download it from there.

To install Tailwind

If you have not used Tailwind CSS we recommend you having a look to their respective documentation. For that, you click on the links and they will take you to the docs.