We listen UI Kits for Freelancers & Figma on On Schedule.

From today, 29 November 2021 we are including UI Kits on our Freelance tiers.

We are also passing the Figma files on schedule, this means that you can shoot us an email to support@wickedlabs.dev, let us know and we get back to you.

To the rescue New page: Support.

There is now available a support page on our site where you can contact us easily by sending us an email.

We have also open the discord channel for the Team Bundles that have priority support and the emails have been sent.

Better UX New section on our site.

Now, on the pricing page you can see a table with what templates are buildt with and if they are available on Next.js or not.

See the availability page

Fresher Harmony is out of the oven.

We have refactored Harmony, and it has been converted to a UI Kit.

Harmony is sold separately or included on our TEAM Bundle

Have a great day.

UI KIT's and refactoring. We have UI Kits now.

We had felt that we needed to offer more to our customers, so we decided to give more for the value, instead to offer you three demo pages, we are building the UI Kit's for the big templates and best sellers.

We have started with Harmony, which is undergoing a restyling and then we have shadow, a darkmode first with a stunning color palette. ( See images below.)

The UI Kit's come with a bunch of pages, like 30 to 40 demo pages, full forms, profile dashboards utility pages like privacy, terms including different layout for blogs too! components custom color palettes and fonts. We are focusing on bringin better design, cleaner code and accesibility for a fair price.

The Kits are sold separately or included on our TEAM Bundle

Have a great day.

Changelog: Adding a changelog.

We wanted to do this for long time and well, here it is. Feel free to come back and see how is all going.